150 Portraits Of People Around The World By Steve McCurry

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150 Portraits Of People Around The World In A 30-Year Career Retrospective
By Steve McCurry.

Legendary photojournalist Steve McCurry, who counts the famous Afghan Girl portrait as only one of his many amazing photos, is opening a retrospective exhibit in Italy called “Steve McCurry: Oltre Lo Sguardo” that will feature 150 photos taken throughout the 30 years of his illustrious career. The photos, taken among people of various cultures around the world, emphasize his unparalleled ability to capture the human soul through a lens.

Portrait of a boy from the Suri tribe, Omo valley, Ethiopia, 2013

Steve Mc Curry speaking with men of the Suma tribe, Omo Valley, Ethiopia, 2012.

The exhibit will be held in the beautiful Villa Reale di Monza in Italy, but it will run through April 6th, 2105, so if you’re dying to see his photos (as you should be), you can still make plans.

If you can’t make it, then please grab a cup of coffee/tea and check this link out:

More info: stevemccurry(dot)com


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