Enjoy the Pura Vida vibe!

{ I take photos all day almost everyday…shocker right? Actually I have been taking photos since I was a little girl… so you can imagine that I still have hundreds of polaroids, roll films and diapositives (transparencies/diafilm)…the problem is I have tons of miscellaneous goodness that end up sitting in my computer as file dust collectors. So I decided to start this series to give these misfits a home on the blog. Every two weeks I will share with you a collection of photos from my day-to-day life…no real rhyme or reason, anything and everything! I’ll share from things I’m coveting, new finds, photos of the places I’ve travel with my hubby (or by myself!), my obsession with the beach, colour, little details and of course, coffee! Hope you all enjoy!! xoxo }


Yup! Here’s where I’m from…tiny piece of land with 4 million people…No Army; La Sele; our soccer team is our army….add to that, thousands of kilometers of pristine beaches scattered in two oceans, endless Surf, one of the greatest biodiversity in the World, Volcanoes, Yoga, Pretty girls, Imperial beer & more!!!!

Amigos come and visit and Enjoy the Pura Vida vibe!




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